Heavy Duty Trailers

I began my business building specialty heavy duty bicycle trailers, but as the costs of materials, labor, and bicycle parts have increased, so has the price of a custom trailer. Now, in order to justify taking time from the other products I produce in my machine shop, a trailer must cost at least $2,000. Any features beyond my standard Model One trailer costs extra, billed at our standard shop rate of $120 per hour. Crating and shipping a large trailer via truck freight costs at least $700.

Model One

This trailer is for people who want to carry seriously heavy or large loads with their bicycle. The welded steel frame is easily capable of supporting 500+ lbs, but weighs less than 50 lbs complete with wheels, hitch, and safety accessories. It has a 2' x 5' cargo area and a perimeter railing encircling this area above the wheels. It supports two safety flags and two reflectors. The wheels are 20" diameter BMX wheels with good quality aluminum rims and steel spokes. The steel frame is powder coated a color of your choice, and has an aluminum tread plate deck.