Heavy Duty Trailers

This is the trailer for people who want to carry seriously heavy or large loads with their bicycle. The welded steel frame is easily capable of supporting 500+ lbs, but weighs less than 50 lbs complete with wheels, hitch, and safety accessories.

Standard features include a durable powder coat finish, an aluminum diamond plate deck, good quality wheels with aluminum rims and steel spokes, and a secure, easy to install hitch.

Model One

This model has a 2' x 5' cargo area and a perimeter railing encircling this area above the wheels. It supports two safety flags and two reflectors. The wheels are standard 3/8" axle 20" diameter BMX wheels. The hitch is welded to the frame. This model is slightly larger and slightly stronger, but very expensive to ship since they require a wooden crate and truck freight.

$1200 for the standard trailer, custom features extra. Call to order. Lead 3-6 weeks.

Model Two

This model has a 2' x 4.5' cargo area, but no perimeter railing. The wheels are 20" BMX wheels with oversize axles modified to mount on one side only. The bent hitch arm clamps to the frame. The corners of the trailer frame are also bent for a more streamlined appearance. Also included are heavy duty aluminum fenders which not only keep the wheels from throwing water around, but also protect them from sliding cargo, and provide a stable platform to support wide loads. Shipping cost is much lower than Model One since it fits in a standard bike box when disassembled.

$1000 for the standard trailer, custom features extra. Call to order. Lead time 3-6 weeks.

Custom Features

Custom trailers are also available. I have much experience building trailers with custom features (and riding around with them!) and I'm happy to discuss your custom hauling needs and come up with a price quote. Here are just a few of the custom features I've added to trailers in the past: